Owner: Adam Noyes

Adam Noyes Film Portfolio (2018) | Adam Noyes Resume (2020)

Adam Noyes has grown up with movies and is an award-winning filmmaker. He looked forward to every Saturday watching them with his father. He eats, sleeps, and dreams movies. Despite growing up in Jefferson, New Hampshire (from the most northern county in the state), he takes it in pride. He thinks this has given him a unique approach to many of his techniques, which most he proudly taught himself, and how he views the projects he works on.

Ever since he got a camera when he was 8 years old, Adam has been making movies. They went from giant cats attacking Lincoln Log buildings to stop motion animation shorts featuring a tyrannosaurus-rex fighting a brontosaurus. As he got older, he made three horror films (Forest of Blood, Lake of Death, and Compound of Chaos) which played in theaters across New Hampshire and earned him a $10,000.00 scholarship for school. He also currently edits for NeuLion Inc working with organizations such as the NFL, WNBA, Coliseum, and NHL. In school, he has written, acted, and directed all sorts of shorts, and one feature.

These range from comedies (the award winning “Pineapple”), to thrillers (writing and acting in the award winning “Dog Collar”), to romances (“Hear Ye, Danny Boy”), to noir (the award nominated Which Way They Walk), to music videos (“Swedish Meatballs,” by God Help Us), to dramas (“Confines”), and even experimental flicks (“My Sweetest Friend, Everyone I Know Goes Away in the End”). He has no fears of playing around with genres, or trying new things.

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