Which Way They Walk (2016)

The Original Cut: 91 minutes
  The Linear Cut: 90 minutes
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Who is Mr. Thompson? What has he done that has left such a huge impact on this city? What has he created? What has he destroyed? Who has he betrayed? Who has he saved?

A business tycoon wishes to buy a railroad transportation company and takes out his entire life’s earnings in order to do it. Now, he doesn’t even own the clothing on his back. However, as this massive, ambitious, and daring transaction is about to go through, he receives a mysterious phone call that will shape both his life, and the lives of others, forever.

Made on a shoestring budget and with nothing but college students wishing to explore their talents both on and behind the screen, Which Way They Walk is an ambitious movie shot over the course of a year. We hope you enjoy this massive experiment. Make yourself some tea, sit back, and take a watch.

Edited & Directed by: Adam Noyes

Directors of Photography: James Frasca & Billy Wurster

Story by: Adam Noyes

Screenplay by: Mark Schoppe

Starring: Mark Schoppe, RobertKeith Toman, Tommy Nickel, Maura Grace McGovern, and Jake Mangan

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