Don’t Tread on Me (8th Grade War Film FULL)

Don’t Tread on Me is a film made in 2008 as an experiment. It was taken down from YouTube after a short while during its original airing. However, it is returning now. Edited completely with Windows Movie Maker, the original aspect ratio for this film was 1:66.1. However, during rendering, it was cropped and flattened to fill the whole 16×9 window presented on most Computers and Televisions at the time. This results in many things looking extremely flat and distorted.

Please keep in mind that this was made by a bunch of 12/13 year old kids in their backyards trying to push for the impossible. Therefore there are grammar and spelling mistakes within the film. We ask you to please ignore them to the best of your ability.

Director: Adam Noyes

Starring: Logan Kadle, Ryan Marvin, Eugene Cordwell, Adam Noyes, Patrick Milligan, Charles Clark

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