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Be it weird, silly, home made, terrifying, or delicious… Fat Man & Little Boy try it all!

Welcome to the show where Fat Man (Adam) & Little Boy (Antonio) try weird food from around the world! Here’s where you can get up-to-date episodes as they come out!

Made by Bright Orange Lamp Productions (BOLP). BOLP is a subsidierary of AN Productions created for the Web Series “Antonio, Adam, & Lukas” (coming soon).

BOLP mainly focuses on Comedic films/skits written by Adam Noyes,  Antonio Bottiglieri, and Lucas Schloth.

Frugal Filmmaking is a show about the struggles and ingenuity with making Independent Content.

For as long as Adam can remember, he has loved history. BUT ESPECIALLY FILM HISTORY!

A show explaining silly, ridiculous, interesting, and stupid things that has made cinema what it is today! Brought to you in a fun, silly, and entertaining little package.

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