TGS: About

This is the story about those on the field of battle, those who make the calls, and those who will do anything to stop Kaiju Alpha. Join Major Glenn Adams from Glacier Peak in Washington State to the streets of Paris. Join Mark Shellburn as he rises from a General’s assistant to the leader of the world’s largest Privately Owned Military Organization. Join many others as they try to survive and stop the onslaught of Kaiju Alpha.
This is about a war. This series is treated as if historical fiction. Inspired heavily by the works of Jeff Shaara, this series will show the heroism, political maneuvering, cowardice, and bravery of those put to the ultimate test of life or death.
This is The Godzilla Saga.


  • 1 | Godzilla & King Kong: The Battle for Earth
  • 2 | Godzilla Vs. Biollante
  • 3 | Godzilla Vs. Titanosaurus
  • 4 | Godzilla: The Immortal

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