Lake of Death (2012)

This marks the second film the in The Zeek Trilogy

Adam Noyes present the acclaimed sequel to Forest of Blood (2010)… Lake of Death (2012). This is the film that got the director on the map, and made a huge splash in local history.

Over the spring and summer of 2011, Lake of Death (2012) took what AN Productions had learned with the previous entry of the trilogy, and expanded upon it. Logan Kadle received universal acclaim for his usage of both gore and makeup effects throughout the movie. Lake of Death uses new tech purchased by AN Productions, new crew, an original music score by Thomas Jordan, and is a much bigger, better, and haunting film than the other two films.

Watch both versions of the short movie here:

The Theatrical Cut (2012)

The Extended Cut (2012)

Behind the Scenes


Directed & Edited by: Adam Noyes

Written by: Adam Noyes & Logan Kadle

Starring: Logan Kadle, Hannah O’Neal, Jake Hanlan & Nathaniel Giovanetti

Music by: Thomas Jordan

Makeup Effects: Logan Kadle

Digital Effects: Matt Ross Crafton


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