Partner: Jennifer Pautke



Jennifer Pautke has been making films ever since she was about 12 years old. Her love for film production started when she and her father began documenting their family vacations together. Together, they would take hundreds of photographs and videos. Then they would edit them together to make a movie of memories about the family vacation for everyone to enjoy.

Starting in 8th grade, Jennifer has taken every film class her school has offered. She even attended the BOCES program in 11th and 12th grade, where she specifically studied Television, Video, and Digital Film Production at a nearby technical school. There, she participated in competitions for film through SkillsUSA at the regional and state level. In addition to competing, she was also a delegate for their leadership conference. After graduating high school and BOCES, Jennifer went on to continue her film education at Five Towns College.

Currently, Jennifer is working for a local town as their Media Assistant. This includes updating the town’s website, running their social media accounts, and creating press releases for town events. In her time at Five Towns College, Jennifer has made many different films. These range from dramas such as (“Speed Dating”), to television commercials (“Diary”), and to even music videos (“Lightning” performed by Keely Burn). Her most recent projects include producing the films “FM 132.9” and “Some Terrible Grief”.

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