Random Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scene Footage

The Making of Which Way They Walk (2016)

The making of the 2016 feature film!

Not Enough Contrast: The Editing of ‘Insomniac’

The making of The Precautions’ music video!

The Making of Lake of Death (2012)

A film made of footage taken by the cast 7 crew!

The Making of Compound of Chaos (2014)

Footage taken from the cast & crew during the making of the 2014 feature film!

“Some Terrible Grief” Production Diaries: Auditions

The audition process for the upcoming short film “Some Terrible Grief!”

“Some Terrible Grief” Production Diaries: You Shall Not Tungsten

Shooting test footage for “Some Terrible Grief!”

How Not to Do Foley (No! Seriously! Don’t do it Like This!)

Audio mixing for an upcoming short film!