Partner: James Frasca

Jim Frasca is a director of photography, who has been working with AN Productions since 2013. A graduate of Five Towns College, Jim graduated top of his class in film. In 2014, he won an award for best underclass producer for a short film, and he won Best Overall and Audience Choice awards for his work on the short, Dog Collar. As a senior, Jim worked on a picture which won Best Art Direction, Best Special Effects, and Best Supporting Actor.

Jim took a leap of faith and after graduating from college, moved to Long Island from his small farm town in upstate New York to pursue his dreams of working in the film industry. One of Jim’s proudest accomplishments is working on the seventh season of Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes as a production assistant. He also works at Class Act Photographers as a school photographer and does freelance work as a wedding photographer.

During his time with AN Productions, Jim has worked on many films, including Fruit: A Gay Love Story, Pineapple, and FM 132.9. Jim’s work with AN Productions began in 2014, where he worked as director of photography on the feature length film Which Way They Walk. Not only are Jim and Adam Noyes professional colleagues, but they are also great friends. Jim enjoys working alongside Adam to make their visions come to life.