Forest of Blood (2010)

Watch both versions of the short movie here:

The Original Cut (2010)

The Redux Edition (2014)



This marks the first film the in “Zeek Trilogy”. The next two films being Lake of Death (2012) and Compound of Chaos (2014).

Follow Zeek as he is taught the harshness of reality: that the planet has been wrought by creatures who seem to eat the flesh of the living and only come out at night.

Made over one weekend during the coldest time of the year, Forest of Blood (2010) was the first attempt for AN Productions to make a zombie film. Shot with only a tri-pod, two flip cameras, one canon handi-cam, and a bunch of freshmen in high school excited to make an action packed short movie, Forest of Blood (2010) marks an important turning point for AN Productions and those involved.

Directed by: Adam Noyes

Starring: Logan Kadle, Adam Noyes, and Ryan Marvin

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