Collideoscope- Drifting (Official Music Video)

ANP was hired to shoot a music video for the band Collideoscope featuring their song Drifting!

“We are so excited for our debut music video! Listen to “Drifting” and the rest of the Invasion EP on any music streaming platform!”


Music Credits
Music- Steven Bono, Zachary Cohen, Ryan Gaetan, and Joseph Oddo
Lyrics- Steven Bono and Matthew Nussbaum
Recording- Matthew Nussbaum and Joseph Oddo
Mixing- Nick Giaimo, Matthew Nussbaum, and Joseph Oddo
Mastering- Nick Giaimo

Video Credits
Director / Editor –Adam Noyes
Director of Photography – James Frasca
Producer – Jennifer Pautke
Gaffers – Antonio Bottiglieri, Sean O’Brien, & Jennifer Pautke
Location- Gary Bettan

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