Adam is joined by James Frasca to rank all six of the original #StarTrek movies featuring the original crew! Then, they will continue their thoughts on New Trek, what makes Star Trek so great, and generally discuss the franchise with its ups and downs! Right here Saturday at 8pm ET!

TOPICS | Special Guest: James Frasca | Two Nerds Talk Star Trek | Ranking All Six of the Original Films | New Trek Discussion | What Makes Star Trek Good? | General Star Trek Chat | Q&A | Hangout | & More!

0:00 – Introductions and TNG/DS9 Chat
19:40: Ranking all Six of the Original Star Trek Movies
22:55 – Star Trek The Motion Picture and Star Trek V
40:11 – Star Trek V and Star Trek IV
43:01 – Star Trek VI (Both Jim and Adam)
54:50 – Star Trek III and Star Trek The Motion Picture
1:10:41 – Star Trek II (Both Jim and Adam)
1:25:15 – Star Trek IV and Star Trek III
1:39:37 – Star Trek TBG S5 Ep. 14 “Clues” Review
1:44:52 – MSC Star Trek Chat
2:12:05 – New Trek Talk
2:24:07 – Closing

Watch our review of Star Trek: The Motion Picture here!

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