Partner: Lucas Schloth


Lucas Schloth has always been a part of the arts and a cartoonist at heart, drawing constantly and designing worlds and stories. Lucas’ ventures into movie making started simply as a child playing with his parent’s expensive video camera (And eventually breaking it because it was WAY HIGHER than it should have been).  As he got older and discovered Windows Movie Maker on his original Windows XP, Lucas slowly improved his editing skills and moved from this program to Final Cut Pro, and now currently Adobe Premiere Pro. High school is where this hobby flourished through The Oceanside High School’s Filmmaking courses. After years of entering the Oceanside High School Film Festival, Lucas struck gold in 2014 by winning the “Best Movie Trailer” and “Audience Favorite” awards for his superhero movie Parody Trailer, “The Dishwasher”. The school also awarded him the department award for Most Outstanding Art Department Member for Photography/Media, as well as welcomed Lucas into the School’s Art Hall of Fame.

After High school, Lucas then moved on to attend Five Towns College for a degree in Video/Film from September 2014 to May 2018. While attending, Lucas took part on many film shoots, including being part of the crew on the short film “The Small” as a camera assistant. At the Five Towns College Luminaries Film Festival, Lucas showed his worth his final two years attending. In 2017, Lucas won the Best Alternative film Award for his experimental film “HEART” and best Shorty Short for a commercial he co-directed, “Alpha Male”. His Senior Film, “Looming Dread”, won both an audience choice award and Best Screenplay at the 2018 Festival.


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