Fruit: A Gay Love Story (Short Film 2016)

“I’m dying right now.” -Tom Rizzuto (Funny or Die)

 Love can be found in the strangest of corners? For Lemon, it just happens to be the fruit next to him. But with love within grasp, what about the apocalypse right around the corner?

Originally released in 2016, Fruit: A Gay Love Story is exactly that. With the Fruit Salad imminent, and all the fruit prepare for the worst, one Lemon, and one Watermelon, find love and comfort in a hopeless place.

Story & Director: Adam Noyes

Concept by: Jake Mangan

Screen Play by: Mark Allen Schoppe Jr.

Director of Photography: James Frasca

Gaffer: Maris Redecker & John Silecchia

Original Music by: John S. Weekley & Thomas Jordan

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