CAMPFIRE (2021 Coming of Age Short Film | Drama | Black Magic Pocket 6K)

AN Productions first fully 4K Production, we products present “Campfire!”

What’s more classic than two friends sitting around a campfire? “Campfire” is the story about two teens about to meet a new world outside of high school and beyond. Luke – a man fed up with his small hometown & who’s just joined the army – is with his friend Archie – a timid boy afraid of losing his best friend and being alone. Together, after many years of being thick as thieves, they sit together around a campfire one last time.

This is an exploration of masculinity. What does it mean to be a man, and what does it mean to love one another? What is the value of friendship? And what does it mean to be two male friends?

Shot on the Black Magic Pocket 6K Shot in anamorphic 1.33 widescreen

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