A Bullet for Janet (2018 Short)

Adam Noyes’ tribute to George Romero takes form in an obscure/absurdist/comedy! Tom is an unhappy man in an unhappy relationship. After years of trying to please everyone, especially his good-for-nothing girlfriend, he finally has enough. What exactly does he do to reclaim himself and his lost masculinity? Watch and find out.

Written, Edited, & Directed by: Adam Noyes

Produced by: Adam Noyes & Jennifer Pautke

Location Provided by: James Frasca

Starring: Steve Bono, Sam Grodsky, John Silecchia, and Lucas Schloth

Director of Photography: Daniel Pombonyo

Camera Operators: James Frasca, Jennifer Pautke, and Daniel Pombonyo

Audio: Greg Costa

Slate/Gaffer: Jason Laxon


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