Staff | Mark Schoppe: ANP Writter

Born in central New Jersey, Mark Schoppe grew up mainly watching cartoons, a pastime he still does to this day. His appreciation for films came rather late, after attending a couple classes while at Ocean County College. Wanting to work on films, he attended Five Towns College where he met Adam and the many other affiliates of AN Productions. In his three years there, Mark frequently helped Adam with making many films, either personal or class projects. It was during these moments where he discovered what aspect of film he loved the most: the story. For as long as he can remember, he has come up with different ideas of many varieties, all archived within his computer. Mark has many stories to tell, and hopes to be able to share them to the world one day.

In addition to writing, Mark is also fond of acting. You can see him in many of Adam’s works such as Which Way They Walk, Parasite & Creator, Pineapple, and Fruit: A Gay Love Story. When he wasn’t on screen, he was always off screen, assisting in any way. While not his strong point, he has done some directing, including the music video for The Precautions’ “Insomniac”, and his own creations such as the experimental Indulge. Consume. Dispose, and his senior thesis film Silent Rat.

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